Performance on Touchscreen Soft Buttons (2007) | Seungyon Claire Lee

Performance on Touchscreen Soft Buttons (2007)

Mobile Text Entry
Exploring Soft Buttons Input Usability of Mobile Devices with Touch Screen

Despite the concerns on the lack of tactile feedback, touch screens with soft buttons gain popularity in the market. This study compares various soft buttons in touch screens with traditional physical hard buttons regarding augmentation, mode of touch and button size.

  • Augmentation: How much audio and vibrato-tactile feedback can help the performance?
  • Mode of touch: Does the sensor type (resistive vs. capacitive) affect the performance?
  • Button size: Does the button size in each sensor type affect the performance?

Python, Flash, C#, JavaScript


In-lab experiment

Related Publication

The Performance of Touch Screen Soft Buttons, Lee, S. C. and Zhai, S., In Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI’09, April, 2009.


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