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Paradiddle (2006)

Mobile Text Entry
One-handed text input method using sequential finger taps

Paradiddle is a tap-based one-handed text entry method. It is designed to support mobile and wearable text entry in the multitasking situation where total time to enter text (text input latency) is as important as raw time for text input (text input bandwidth).

The mobile electronic devices which extend the computing environment outside of the desktop enables multitasking situation in our everyday lives. The requirement for mobile text entry in this situation is varied, and depends on the use’s environment, concurrent activities, and the purpose since, as stated by Paul Dourish as “ecological perspective”, human cognition is located in a contextually appropriate manner involving the organism, action, and the environment as a whole rather than limited as a single neural phenomenon.

The method allows users to type text through sequential finger taps in one hand. The buttonless capacitive sensing surface aims to enalbe typing without visual attention. As the device miniaturization is important to mobile devices, the noble and flexible text entry interface of Paradiddle is expected to optimize miniaturized device size (outer interface) and users’ physical limitations and capabilities (inner interface) since it uses users’ hand and fingers as a variable to customize the outer interface.


Capacitive sensing surface, tap-to-character mapping


MakingThings Teleo, Flash


In-lab experiment

Related publications
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Related patents

Using sequential taps to enter text, Newman, M.W., Partridge, K.E., Begole, J. M. A., and Lee, S. (US 20080136679, EP 1933225 A2, EP 1933225 A3)


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