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EMMA (2008)

Wearable Computing
Textile-based electro-tactile display

EMMA explores wearable electro-tactile displays to facilitate mobile alert with minimal distraction. The grid of textile-based electrodes is cross stitched with conductive thread and embedded in a wristband interface.

EMMA is designed to provide visual distraction-free alerts for mobile users. The highest resolution of EMMA corresponds to 14×14 pixels in 1 inch square. The experiment discovered desirable guideline for directional tactile pattern design by revealing important factors that affect human perception on electric tactile illusion on the wrist.


Cross stitching with conductive thread, breadboarding, laser cutting, directional pattern design for tactile illusion


Arduino, Java


In-lab experiment

Related Publication

Stop Burdening Your Eyes – a Wearable Electro-tactile Display, Lee, S. C. and Starner, T., In Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers, ISWC’08, September, 2008.



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