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CopyCat (2005)

Wearable Computing
Gesture-based American Sign Language (ASL) game for Deaf children

90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents who may not be fluent in sign language. These children’s first expose to their first language (American Sign Language) often occues at preschool, not at home from birth. Since early childhood is a critical period for language acquisition, this linguistic delay is known as a serious issues on deaf childrens’ linguistic development.

CopyCat is a gesture-based American Sign Language (ASL) game designed to support deaf children’s ASL learning while they play the game. Player’s signed gesture, which is captured by the colored-gloves and wrist-mounted accelerometers, is the main input method to direct the game. In collaboration with Atlanta Area School for the Deaf (AASD), deaf children participated in the user studies to provide feedback and gesture data to train the gesture recognition engine through the Wizard of Oz method.


Iterate game design by on-site experiment




On-site experiment with Wizard of Oz method, focus group discussion, observation

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